Auckland City

I’ve grown to really love Auckland. It’s been just over four years now since I left and returning four times since, I’ve fallen in love with the place even more every single time I come back. This time, it was the middle of winter and everyone thought I would hate being back because it’s so cold and miserable but you know what? I loved every minute of it!

After traveling Europe in the winter time, I don’t mind the cold. I love the rain, because of it, New Zealand is so green! Here’s some photos of the city:

The view from a friends house in the suburb of Hillsborough

The view from a friends house in the inner city suburb of Grey Lynn

The character homes in Grey Lynn ❤

The lush grass! 

The streets of Grey Lynn

The drive up Mount Eden

The view from the mountain of the suburb Mount Eden, I would love to live here in the future!

The view of the city from Mount Eden


2 thoughts on “Auckland City

  1. I think you need to live somewhere that has clear changes every seasons, like in Sweden where our winters are a complete contrast to our summers. Considering you like the cold and all.

    Also, I like how there’s palmtrees right outside some of those houses. We don’t have palmtrees in Sweden.

    • Yeah it’s so hard to believe there’s cobblestones in Stockholm under all the snow you guys get! For me in Perth, it’s warm, hot or extremely hot. It’s good in winter where we have sunny days over 20 degrees which is probably why I loved Europe so much because I miss what a real winter is like!

      Palm trees are pretty common over here. We don’t have them in Perth but a few states over east do & New Zealand too!

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