When I was in New Zealand last week, I walked around my old neighbourhood, Lynfield. I lived in the area for 9 years and went to primary, intermediate and high school there. It’s a small suburb but just walking the streets, it was bizarre to realise I had been inside majority of the houses on the streets.

I used to walk to school for 9 years so it was like a trip down memory lane. Not a lot has changed but the houses that did get rebuilt, don’t fit in with the suburb which makes me sad as a person and a property critic.

Here’s some pictures of Lynfield:

The main shopping area

The park near my first house in Lynfield where I spent my childhood

One of my favourite houses in the area, it’s so simple and every bit of it reminds me of home

My old street, the first of the two houses we lived in, in the area

The second street in Lynfield that we lived on. I spent so much time hanging around outside, talking, laughing and arguing with friends over the years

One of the new things about Lynfield, the bus stops!  I love how much it symbolises New Zealand.


2 thoughts on “Lynfield

  1. Lynfield looks like a cute little town! I haven’t been back to the town I lived in for most of my childhood in several years. My sister, mom and I have many times talked about doing a roadtrip to see what it looks like these days. It would be very interesting but I’d imagine it would feel quite strange to go back there.

    • You definitely should! I was so keen to go to Russia so I could see where I was born & where my parents were raised but that will have to wait. I love taking a walk down memory lane.

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