British Bulldog

You know when you want something so bad, you won’t settle on anything less? I’ve had my mind set on a British Bulldog all year. What’s stopping me? Perth’s climate.

We used to have one in Russia many years ago which was fine, it’s cold majority of the year but Perth is the complete opposite. Summer, our temperature is 30 degrees on average and in the winter time, we have an average of 20 degrees…not quite your typical winter! British Bulldogs struggle in anything over 25 degrees aka 3/4 of the year in Perth.

After meeting a British Bulldog in NZ this month, my friends four month pup, Chumley,  I’m even more determined to get one. Now all I need to do is wait until we move and see how hot our new house gets, and if we have any rooms where it stays cool.

Waiting, not a very strong point of mine!


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