Lava Stone Grill

I went out to dinner with some friends on Friday night. I’ve never heard of Lava Stone Grill but a friend had a voucher & I’m all for cheap meals. It’s located away from the restaurant/ pub centre in a little shop that’s unlike the usual restaurant layout. Lava Stone Grill is famous for its stone grills that are placed on your table and you cook your own meat of choice.

Pictured above, I ordered the mixed grill- chicken, lamb and pork. The stone grill is 400 degrees celsius so the meat was cooked in no time. The thing I loved about this place, the meat was pure quality; no fat, no oil, no grease.

I know where I’ll be returning soon!


2 thoughts on “Lava Stone Grill

  1. Looks like a really fun place. We have similar places here in Sweden too where you either get a hot stone and cook your food yourself, or they cook it on a big hot stove right in the middle of your table. I’m trying not to eat out too much right now because I need to save money since I’m a poooor sucker now that I’m a student (or gonna be in a couple of weeks).

    • This was a cheap meal…for what it is. I should be saving money but ever since Europe, I’ve just been spending but for the first time in years, I’m actually living & enjoying so I’m not fussed! Gotta reward myself for all the years of hardcore saving.

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