Retail therapy

I was feeling really crappy this morning so I thought I’d do a quick shop before I get stuck into the books. These days, I struggle to find anything I like in the stores. When I walked into Portmans, I was so so happy when I found the above A line skirt- I’ve been looking for the perfect one for MONTHS.

The top, I’m thinking of wearing with a nice blazer and jeans at night. Who knows, it could even be worn during the day if I dress it down. On my way to the car, I stopped by a bookshop & found Lauren Conrad’s book, ‘Style’. I’m slowly cleaning up my wardrobe at the moment and making a list of all the classic pieces I need. Spring is here next month, time to organise a swap meet with friends!


One thought on “Retail therapy

  1. Oh, I really like the skirt and top. Very cute. And I definitely think you can dress the top down for daytime. Layering a blazer over it sounds like a great idea.

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