Happy 21st to me!

The yummy cake my mum made, it’s a Russian recipe

Inside the cake….yum!!

The red roses my parents spoilt me with

L to R: The bouquet I got from work & the bouquet my friend D sent to my work- such a surprise!

It was my 21st birthday yesterday. I really wasn’t expecting anything but by the end of the day, I couldn’t believe how many amazing people I have in my life. My best friend S called me on two occasions, I got a few more phone calls, 2 packages, 1 flower delivery to work, one visit & countless messages.

I was meant to be studying all day because I had so much uni work to catch up on but seriously? What was I thinking, studying was the last thing I wanted to do! I had a family dinner that night & then went to uni for an hour to do a economics test….so lame.

I had one more exam today & then last one tomorrow and THEN I’ll celebrate! I’ve booked out a room at my favourite pub tomorrow night where I’ve asked a number of friends to come down & celebrate with me. I’m getting my hair done by D & makeup done by Napoleon…just because I feel like spoiling myself a little more.

I can’t wait!


7 thoughts on “Happy 21st to me!

  1. So fun that you’re getting to celebrate on multiple occasions, I’m jealous! Isn’t it kind of fun how we’re almost trading birthdays? I celebrated my birthday yesterday with my family (on your birthday) and you’re celebrating with your friends tomorrow (on my birthday). Provided I feel better tomorrow I’ll also be going out for drinks too, so we’ll both be celebrating! I like that we have our birthdays so close. Imagine if we could be in the same place around this time some year and have a big party together!

    • We are too! But there’s no such thing as sickness on your birthday! Try to rest before your birthday, that might help.

      I’d love to spend my birthday somewhere in the northern hemisphere one year, birthdays in the winters aren’t fun 😦 It will definitely happen one day xxx

      • Ah, but I was sick on my birthday. Got worse on Saturday so I spent the day in bed with fever, sore throat, stuffed nose, ache-y body and headache. It was no fun at all. We had our first nice day in several weeks too. It was 25 degrees and clear blue skies and I couldn’t enjoy it at all. So sad. Didn’t have a any kind of birthday at all. (Obviously had to cancel my birthday drinks)

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