Birthday drinks

Last night, I celebrated my birthday with some friends. I hired out a room called the ‘Bali Room’ at one of my favourite pubs, The Windsor Hotel which is only 5 minutes from my house. We had a bit sectioned off just for us- I felt pretty special! Here’s some snaps from last night:

The venue

The Bali Room- I pretty much got it just for the fire place….

The other half of the room. The white doors and the behind the couch is where it stops.

The food- this was the dips and bits platter. Turkish bread was amazing!

The party platter. I couldn’t get enough of the party pies!

Then there’s me! Makeup- Napoleon applied by Napoleon. 


3 thoughts on “Birthday drinks

    • I didn’t have to pay for a room hire, I just paid for food which was good! They allow a minimum of 30 people in that room at a charge of $8/pp. I got two platters and two pizzas for 30 people. I wish I got more, it was so so delicious!

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