Big night out

1907 Laneway Bar

Last night I met up with an old friend I haven’t actually caught up in about two years although we’ve been emailing and messaging the whole time. I guess I always used the excuse “oh I’m too busy” but no more excuses! I’m making an effort to catch up with old friends who I’ve always had a good bond with but because we don’t hang out in the same groups, I never see.

We went to the city & had three bars we wanted to check out. The first one was called ‘1907’ and it was down a small laneway to the west of the city. We didn’t really like the vibe nor the deco` so just had one drink and moved onto the next.

Wolfe Lane

Inside Wolfe Lane Bar

Now I’ve been hearing ALL about this new bar, ‘Wolfe Lane’ also located in a laneway. Before we even walked in, I fell in love with the place because the girl that was on the door stopped us & we had a nice little chat…you don’t get that very often! The interior was very nice, the music was at the right level, the vibe was amazing and the drinks! Wolfe Lane is the FIRST place I’ve been to that puts freshly squeezed apple juice in their vodka…and it wasn’t the standard Smirnoff, it was a Polish one I like. Could the place get any better?

G bumped into a few guys she knew & one was Russian so I had an awesome time talking Russian with him! We had a few drinks at Wolfe Lane & then moved onto another new bar, The Conservatory.

The Conservatory Rooftop Bar

The Conservatory is located on the rooftop of another bar and it only opened in June this year, perfect timing for the long nights coming up! The atmosphere wasn’t that great, we had a drink & by then, it was 2am.

Quite the fun night! I never go out these days so it was nice to go to new places. Wolfe Lane was my favourite by far, I can’t wait to go back there.



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