Nearly finished

Our house is nearly finished! It’s been 15 months in the making & we finally got the keys from the builder this weekend. Now all that needs to be done is the carpet, timber floors, curtains and the landscaping. Nearly there! Here’s some photos I got yesterday:

The master ensuite

The master bedroom

The second bathroom

The kitchen!

Meals and living area looking out to the park

Our house is the one with the red tiles. Speaking from a valuing perspective, I think our house definitely has more street appeal than the ones next door.

Can’t wait to see the finished product!


2 thoughts on “Nearly finished

  1. Looks very nice! Are the houses next door also newly built? I remember the last time I saw photos of your house being built it didn’t look like there were any other houses around it. Who’s the architect that’s drawn the house? Did you get to alter it a lot yourselves or was it already all planned and drawn?

    • Yeah the houses next door to us got built before us! We had a lot of problems with our builders & the council grrrr. We paid a building company to draw up the plans & it’s a lot cheaper that way than getting an architect. We did make a few alternations though, we added a study, a walk in robe for my room & changed the master room around a little.

      Building: such a stressful experience!! Nothing went right & the whole process was delayed 4 months. Don’t think we’ll be building again anytime soon!

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