Mid semester break

Economics isn't as fun as I thought it'd be

It’s mid semester break this week but there’s no such thing as a break when you fail two out of three mid semester exams. I walked into those exams thinking I would pass them but I can’t say I cared too much about them. One was on my birthday & the other was on the morning of my party so you could say my mind was elsewhere.

This whole semester, I’ve been slacking BIG time. I haven’t put in much effort since day 1 but after seeing my mid semester results, I’ve woken up big time. If I don’t pass these two units, Economics & Business Law, I’ll be behind in my degree and it’ll be a waste of a money (equivalent to a trip back home,eeek!)…which would hurt me big time considering I’m paying for my degree upfront as opposed to getting a loan like the others.

Good news is, if I try really hard for the next 6 weeks, I could still pass. Now I’m not going to be silly about it & say I’m going to commit every waking hour to study but I’m definitely going to get a study schedule in place. I have Tuesday afternoons off work so instead of going shopping, I’m going to go into uni & use that time to catch up with my lecturers but I am going to refrain from late night weekend outings with friends as it cuts into my mornings, when I can study best.

Sadly, no more morning walks & breakfasts with friends on the weekends but I figure, rather that than summer school! Now I’m off to uni to do a revision session my lecturer has been kind enough to put on. I have a feeling I’m not the only one failing!


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