Good conversations

A in Brazil

Tonight, I ended up having a conversation with A for an hour & a half. I realised I haven’t spoken to him in awhile so we caught up with each other about what the other has been up to, what’s new & what we’ve got planned in the next coming months.

He’s very much like me, traveling fuels his mind & inspires him to keep living and keep driving himself forward. A lot of my friends are similar to me in that regard but A seems to be the only one lately that has helped me keep the travel bug at bay. We were talking about his travel plans this summer (6 weeks in Europe & then 6 weeks in South America not long after) and I said how I couldn’t help but want to pack up & leave once again.

But he made me realise, that yes, I’ve done a lot of traveling for my age & I’m also a lot younger than him so I can’t go comparing, so it made me feel a little better.

The thought of knowing I have to live in WA for the next 3-4 years because of university makes me feel so restricted but because I’m such a workoholic & don’t want to work less so I can get my studies over with faster, at least I can afford to go on holidays in that time.

Talking to him tonight was just what I needed.


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