Reminds me of Bali

Tonight, I cannot stop thinking about Bali. My facebook news feed exploded with memories of my Bali trip last November today, people commenting on old photos, everyone wishing they were over there again. And to top it all off, my NZ best friend S is going there next month so I offered to put together a list of places to go, stay & do. After spending some time looking at all the awesome hotels and villas, I can’t help but want to go back there again.

I seriously need to figure out how I’m going to satisfy this travel bug of mine with only 4 weeks of annual leave a year. So far, I’ve used up 1 week for NZ in July with another 2 weeks booked in December… that leaves me with 1 more week this year to go to Thailand/Bali/Sydney/Melbourne/Broome.

Hmmmmm, it’s not going to work is it?


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