I did it!

Just one semesters worth of paper (3 units)

This week, I finished my first year of university. I’m pretty happy to say I managed to push through the past year, working and studying full time, without quitting or having a nervous breakdown (I did come close to both several times though).

I never planned to do both and when I did decide on doing both (in January), I only wanted to do it for 6 months but now? I don’t know.

I want to finish my degree in 3 and a half years (aiming for mid 2014) but I also want to work full time so I can continue saving for holidays.

So I guess next year I’ll continue doing the same thing. I’m lucky in the sense that my job is so flexible with university so maybe next year, my work/life/uni balance will be better.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy the next four months of summer holidays! I’m looking forward to many days and nights spent at the beach and going for drives up and down the coast.


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