I <3 Valuating Houses;

The past two weeks, I’ve been helping out with residential valuations. The hours are long- 7:30am until 5:30pm, sometimes even 6pm but the work is so rewarding. Looking at houses over a million dollars, seeing the way that some people live is interesting.

I often find myself wondering, how are some of these people so successful? Was it just luck, hard work or did they inherit these amazing properties? Most the time, there’s a parent at home but lately, we’ve come across a large amount of nanny’s.

You know you’ve made it when you can go diving in the morning while a nanny looks after your two kids (real example from a Friday morning coastal property).

I’m going to put it all down to hard work to make myself feel better.

Port Beach: My Happy Place

Port Beach at 7pm

My doctor said that my stress levels are too high…..you would think now that uni is over, stress should be gone right? I feel like it’s quite the opposite. Past two weeks have been hell, waiting very very impatiently for uni results to come out. Well, they were released today and although I passed two, I failed one unit.

In between celebrating my 21st, moving out of home and trying to deal with some personal stuff this semester, uni took the hit- especially my economics unit.

But what’s helping me stay calm & make decisions? Big, long walks along my favourite beach. As much as I would love to move to a new city, there’s no other city in the world I can think of where I can drive from work or my house to the beach in 15 minutes (without traffic and 25 minutes with traffic).

So for now, Perth you win.

Healthy eating & total health kick;

Various meals & snacks I’ve made

Now that the temperature is starting to heat up, I’m seeing a massive difference in the foods that I eat. Lately, I’ve been craving a lot of salads with egg and chicken or tuna.

Past few weeks, I’ve done a complete 180. I did a detox (not sure if anyone wants to know but I’ll stop at the words colonic) where the nurse thought I may not be eating for my body so I went home & booked myself an appointment with a naturopath. So next few weeks will be all about changing the foods I eat.

I’m interested to see if eating for my blood type is any good, does anyone have any experiences with that?

Pilates Reformer;

The reformer

This week, I started Pilates. I recently bought a 10 session pass to stretch pilates and the studio offered me a free introductory class to reform pilates (as shown above), box fit (boxing) and matwork (standard pilates).

Now that uni and exams are all over, I’ve finally got time to exercise again and although I haven’t been to the gym in ages, I’m surprised I had anything to stretch out on Thursday night at my first stretch class.

On Saturday, I went to my free reformer class and absolutely loved it. I’ve been looking to do something like this for ages, I just never knew where to go & then I never had time.

No more excuses! This is the summer of change. I have no goals to lose weight, only to get fit and toned. I’m comfortable with the size I am…..just not a fan of the wobbly bits! I’ve started beach walks so hopefully that should speed up the mission.

Check out this video of some exercises done on the reformer:

Weekend away;

As a little end of semester treat to myself, I booked a weekend away down south, about 3 hours from the city. My best friend S flew over from NZ on Wednesday and we drove down on Saturday morning.

We stayed at the Australis Hotel in Margaret River where dinner & breakfast was also included. Such a good escape!

Here’s some photos from the trip:

The front of our room

The main street in the town

One of the wineries down south

Prevelley Beach

Eagle Bay, by far one of the prettiest beaches!

Another one of Eagle Bay

I’m definitely returning to Eagle Bay again this summer!

My new favourite skirt;

Last week, I got two days off work to spend time with my best friend. How typical though, the weather turned crap as soon as she got here so our beach plans turned into…..shopping plans!

I got this gorgeous skirt from Portmans & I can’t stop wearing it; one girl at work even offered to buy it off me for more (it was the last one in our size).

Nope, this skirt is now a favourite! It isn’t going anywhere…

Times with S;

A page out of a book I made S

Tomorrow, my best friend S flys to Perth from New Zealand for a week. I’ve got two days off work and we’re driving down the coast to Margaret River on the weekend for one night. Other than that, there’s plans of dinner & drinks every other night and beach times for S while I’ll be at work (not cool).

I haven’t seen S since we were in Brisbane in July so I’m looking forward to spending some time with her….especially because she’s just spent the past two weeks in Sydney, Melbourne and Bali- so jealous! Many stories to be discussed.

12 hours until I get to see her again….so excited!!