Pilates Reformer;

The reformer

This week, I started Pilates. I recently bought a 10 session pass to stretch pilates and the studio offered me a free introductory class to reform pilates (as shown above), box fit (boxing) and matwork (standard pilates).

Now that uni and exams are all over, I’ve finally got time to exercise again and although I haven’t been to the gym in ages, I’m surprised I had anything to stretch out on Thursday night at my first stretch class.

On Saturday, I went to my free reformer class and absolutely loved it. I’ve been looking to do something like this for ages, I just never knew where to go & then I never had time.

No more excuses! This is the summer of change. I have no goals to lose weight, only to get fit and toned. I’m comfortable with the size I am…..just not a fan of the wobbly bits! I’ve started beach walks so hopefully that should speed up the mission.

Check out this video of some exercises done on the reformer:


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