Port Beach: My Happy Place

Port Beach at 7pm

My doctor said that my stress levels are too high…..you would think now that uni is over, stress should be gone right? I feel like it’s quite the opposite. Past two weeks have been hell, waiting very very impatiently for uni results to come out. Well, they were released today and although I passed two, I failed one unit.

In between celebrating my 21st, moving out of home and trying to deal with some personal stuff this semester, uni took the hit- especially my economics unit.

But what’s helping me stay calm & make decisions? Big, long walks along my favourite beach. As much as I would love to move to a new city, there’s no other city in the world I can think of where I can drive from work or my house to the beach in 15 minutes (without traffic and 25 minutes with traffic).

So for now, Perth you win.


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