I <3 Valuating Houses;

The past two weeks, I’ve been helping out with residential valuations. The hours are long- 7:30am until 5:30pm, sometimes even 6pm but the work is so rewarding. Looking at houses over a million dollars, seeing the way that some people live is interesting.

I often find myself wondering, how are some of these people so successful? Was it just luck, hard work or did they inherit these amazing properties? Most the time, there’s a parent at home but lately, we’ve come across a large amount of nanny’s.

You know you’ve made it when you can go diving in the morning while a nanny looks after your two kids (real example from a Friday morning coastal property).

I’m going to put it all down to hard work to make myself feel better.


One thought on “I <3 Valuating Houses;

  1. I also always wonder how people are able to afford amazing estates like the ones in the photos. I can sit and daydream my way into beautiful photos of homes and think that one day I’m going to have a nice place of my own too. I can only hope that hard work is what’ll get me there.

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