One year on;

On the 1st of December 2010, I was walking the streets of London with L and the place resembled something very close to the image above. Christmas lights were up, the snow had just flown and the place felt so magical.

Everyone thought I was crazy to go traveling in the winter time especially because Perth was heating up to 30 degrees most days but as soon as I touched down in London, I felt at home.

Maybe it’s the Russian in me but that was my first white christmas in 15 years. I bought a christmas sweater for roughly 15 pounds and then L & I got a christmas tree and decorations. We had two other Australian girls join us as orphans in London & it was one of the best christmas’s ever.

Christmas 2010

Now fast forward one year and every part of my body wishes I was back there. Whenever I hear Tina mention christmas preparation in Sweden, all of me gets a little sadder each time.

I think I belong in the Northern hemisphere. Now I just need to get through the next 3 years of uni & then I can move there. Until then, it will just have to be holidays!

4 thoughts on “One year on;

  1. i haven’t had a white christmas since i was six years old, and i feel the same way you do. it still seems unnatural to me to spend christmas in the sun! all i’ve wanted recently is to be in europe. one day soon, hopefully for us both! x

    • Definitely something I’m going to aim for… move back to the Northern hemisphere, even if it’s for a year or so. I want to celebrate my birthday in summer (August) and christmas in winter…how it should be!

  2. I’m sorry my writing about Christmas makes you sad. I hope you can instead look at it with a smile and remember all the nice memories you have from your travels in Europe last year. I’ve been thinking of you so much lately because it was pretty much exactly this time last year you came to visit. I had such a nice time when you were here. If it’s any consolation, we have absolutely NO snow… so it really doesn’t look very magical at all, aside from the Christmas lights in town it might as well be September.

    • If anything, it’s motivation for me to save save save so I can come back! Christmas doesn’t feel like christmas here but then I think about christmas last year and all I want to do is be back there in the cold.

      So hurray that your christmas posts are motivating me to come back 🙂

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