Happy 21st Lo!

January 2011- Budapest

December 2011- Perth. L to R: Lo, C, A & Eddie

Last night, we celebrated Lo’s 21st birthday. You see, we all met in Prague at the beginning of the year and ended up meeting again in Vienna (C, Lo & I), Budapest (all of us + others) and Barcelona (Eddie & I). When you’re traveling, especially alone, you really open up to people. We probably spent two weeks max together whilst away, but spending all day, everyday with people, you kind of fast forward the friendship.

I feel like I’ve known these girls forever & I’m closer to them than some of the people I’ve known for 5 years. I’ve seen them first thing in the morning, in all sorts of different moods and of course, seen them in their absolute craziest moods- and accept every part of their personalities.

Lo, C & I all live in Perth so we catch up every now & then but Eddie lives in Melbourne so we don’t get to see her so much. That’s why last night was so special, we were all reunited & it was like our European adventure all over again.

Now, we’re all off to the beach to nurse our hangovers….quite the opposite to the last time we all partied together in the snow!


One thought on “Happy 21st Lo!

  1. That’s really cool that you’ve all been able to keep in touch, and that you met in Prague and are all living in the same town (aside from Eddie). It’s a small world…

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