Australia Day 2012

From day…                                                                                                                                                          Source: WA News

To night…                                                                                                                                            Source: WA News

Yesterday was a very good day. I went to the beach first thing with my two girlfriends D & K where we took part in a guinness world record (and Perth won!) It was called the havaiana thong challenge where you pay for a big blow up yellow thong and the city in Australia with the most amount of thongs in the water, won. I just can’t believe Perth bet Bondi!

It was really hot, around 40 degrees if not more so as soon as the record was made, we got out & got under some shade. Luckily I didn’t burn but I’ve never worn so much sunscreen in my life.

The many thongs!

And more…

Then yesterday afternoon, I went to a BBQ with my friend K where I only knew one person (the host) and K only knew me. 2012 is all about getting myself out of my comfort zone and yesterday was a success. Everyone was really nice and super friendly.

And lightning? I have no idea where that came from but it was awesome seeing it from the river. And the aftermath?

A broken glass table, a fridge sideways and a whole lot of rubbish!

This weekend;

– Tried a new Mexican restaurant that was absolutely divine

– Went out with some old friends and had a blast dancing

– Went stand up paddle boarding again

– Lay in the sun & went swimming at a new beach

– Chilled at a new cafe on the beach

– Caught up with an old girlfriend and went out for lunch

– Lay on my parents couch after I ate too much over lunch

– Had a few drinks and pizza with some friends at night

– Ate crepes for the first time in a year (I ate too many last summer/ northern hemispehere’s winter)

– Had drinks in the sun at my old favourite pub, the Rosemount Hotel

❤ summer

The weekend tradition of 2012

Swanbourne Beach

Last weekend, I went to Brighton Beach and went to ‘The Wild Fig’ with my friend C, which is a cute little cafe in the beach carpark. We had fresh fruit juices and I got the ‘Poor Boy’ which was chicken, prawns, corn fritter patty with salad. Absolutely divine!

This weekend, we tried out ‘The Naked Fig’ in Swanbourne. It was too hot to eat but we lay in the cabana and drank juice again.

Next weekend, C & I plan to go to South Beach and try ‘The Pickled Fig’, the 3rd one of the figs. All three figs are located within 100m of the beach, I’ll let you know which one has the best view. So far, I’ve preferred the ‘Naked Fig’ at Swanbourne because of the cabana’s and the amazing views.

I’m trying really hard to make the most of my time here in Perth & do things that make me happy. The beaches are definitely the best thing about Perth though!

NZ 11/12

Piha Beach, West Auckland

When I was in Auckland (my hometown), I went to my favourite beach Piha, hung out with friends, had drinks, dined out at cute cafes and restaurants, went to new bars and generally, just did a whole lot of relaxing.

Piha sunset

Boxing Day BBQ with my close friends

On our way to my leaving drinks with my best friend S

A cute new bar near the city called Neighbourhood Brew

It was good to be home, to see all my friends, and actually catch up with most one on one because the last time I went back in July, it was for a very short amount of time.

It’s been nearly 5 years since I moved to Perth and I’ve never gotten over that homesick feeling. I miss NZ everyday and always think about moving back. I’ll wait until I finish uni because there’s no point in moving half way through. I just don’t know how I will survive the next 3 years at uni being this homesick!


The reason we all went down to Martinborough for new years was for a festival called ‘La De Da’. They had heaps of NZ acts I really wanted to see so I was very lucky to have a group to go with.

It’s the middle of summer so I had this cute outfit planned out. A few days before new years eve, it started raining and didn’t stop until the 2nd (when we left). Me and the girls I was staying with made a quick trip to the nearest department store and got gumboots and matching flannelette shirts….we were in the middle of a farming town after all.

Old me probably would of complained about the crap weather and even refused to enjoy myself but new me- loved it! I felt like I was at that UK festival Glastonbury where they all wear gumboots because of the UK’s crap weather (and I’ve always dreamed of going to that festival). But most importantly, it was really fun walking through the mud in gumboots.

At the start of the afternoon

Half way through, people started sliding around in the mud!

My friend K ended up leaving her shoes in the mud that day & walked around bare feet

I woke up the next day and I could barely walk. Every single muscle in my legs and butt were in pain. Awesome exercise if you ask me!

The Blue Rock Road Retreat;

I spent a week in a house with no phone or internet reception that was 20 minutes drive from the closest town, an hour and a half from a city and a flight away from my home town Auckland, in New Zealand.

To say it was relaxing is an understatement. I did so much sleeping, relaxing and thinking, it was crazy. We did some drinking but it was pretty tame.

Here’s some photos of the house me & 8 others stayed at:

Sliding doors to go outside

Awesome indoor/outdoor flow

The great outdoors!

View from the bathtub

This bathtub was amazing! Kept us cool in the day & was great fun having a hot bath in the evening

Unfortunately we got a lot of rain….gotta keep the surroundings green somehow though!

Now inside…

The dining area

Kitchen bench

The kitchen! It’s awesome knowing what sort of benchtop that is (I’m such a geek)

The living area where we watched numerous DVD’s on the rainy days

I had so much fun. Usually when I go away for new years, I come home extremely sleep deprived but this time, I felt so refreshed.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas lunch

My flight into New Zealand was delayed so instead of flying in 11PM Christmas eve, I touched down at 3AM Christmas morning. No such thing as a sleep in because we were opening presents and drinking champagne by 9AM. I spent Christmas day with my best friend S and her family, who after 14 years, feels like my own family.

We had breakfast at her mums house and then went to her dads for lunch with the extended family. I don’t have a very big family and because we’re spread out between Australia, New Zealand and Russia, it makes family gatherings very small. Most years, I choose to spend Christmas with a big group, either friends and their parents or like last year, with a bunch of other Christmas orphans (friends in another country with no family- not actual orphans!).

This Christmas was awesome. Drinking in the sun, spending the day with the family I’ve grown up with, S’s sister, step-sisters, mum, dad, step-parents, grandparents and I even met an uncle that is a property valuer! (what I’m studying at university).

Here’s some pictures from the day:

One of my favourite houses with its indoor/outdoor flow

Lunch preparations

Possibly the healthiest meal I’ve eaten in 2 weeks!

Christmas Day was amazing. I’m hoping I get another invite next year…

Melbourne times;

Albert Park

On my way to NZ, I stopped by in Melbourne for two days. There’s this famous saying about Melbourne that it experiences four seasons everyday. On this trip, I was lucky enough to get very hot weather with a bit of rain.

I got picked up from the airport by my friends M & T. M lives in Melbourne who is soon moving to LA to be with his fiancé T. Even though I could only be there for 2 days, I really wanted to see them before they flew off, especially because the last time I saw them both was the summer of 2010.

T & I went to the city for lunch with M’s sister, who I bonded with instantly. We went to the beach & then back to M’s sister, R’s apartment. She lives right near the beach and not far from the city- the perfect spot!

I didn’t get very many pictures, see if you can guess the theme of all my pictures though:

Melbourne city getting festive

The streets of St Kilda where R lives

So in love with these houses!

My hotel room, overlooking Albert Park

This trip was all about architecture, houses and interior. I think I have a wee obsession!

T has now gone back to LA and M has booked his ticket for Feb 11th. R’s birthday is Feb 9th and I’m just thinking I may have time to squeeze in a quick weekend escape in February!