Melbourne times;

Albert Park

On my way to NZ, I stopped by in Melbourne for two days. There’s this famous saying about Melbourne that it experiences four seasons everyday. On this trip, I was lucky enough to get very hot weather with a bit of rain.

I got picked up from the airport by my friends M & T. M lives in Melbourne who is soon moving to LA to be with his fiancé T. Even though I could only be there for 2 days, I really wanted to see them before they flew off, especially because the last time I saw them both was the summer of 2010.

T & I went to the city for lunch with M’s sister, who I bonded with instantly. We went to the beach & then back to M’s sister, R’s apartment. She lives right near the beach and not far from the city- the perfect spot!

I didn’t get very many pictures, see if you can guess the theme of all my pictures though:

Melbourne city getting festive

The streets of St Kilda where R lives

So in love with these houses!

My hotel room, overlooking Albert Park

This trip was all about architecture, houses and interior. I think I have a wee obsession!

T has now gone back to LA and M has booked his ticket for Feb 11th. R’s birthday is Feb 9th and I’m just thinking I may have time to squeeze in a quick weekend escape in February!


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