The reason we all went down to Martinborough for new years was for a festival called ‘La De Da’. They had heaps of NZ acts I really wanted to see so I was very lucky to have a group to go with.

It’s the middle of summer so I had this cute outfit planned out. A few days before new years eve, it started raining and didn’t stop until the 2nd (when we left). Me and the girls I was staying with made a quick trip to the nearest department store and got gumboots and matching flannelette shirts….we were in the middle of a farming town after all.

Old me probably would of complained about the crap weather and even refused to enjoy myself but new me- loved it! I felt like I was at that UK festival Glastonbury where they all wear gumboots because of the UK’s crap weather (and I’ve always dreamed of going to that festival). But most importantly, it was really fun walking through the mud in gumboots.

At the start of the afternoon

Half way through, people started sliding around in the mud!

My friend K ended up leaving her shoes in the mud that day & walked around bare feet

I woke up the next day and I could barely walk. Every single muscle in my legs and butt were in pain. Awesome exercise if you ask me!


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