The Blue Rock Road Retreat;

I spent a week in a house with no phone or internet reception that was 20 minutes drive from the closest town, an hour and a half from a city and a flight away from my home town Auckland, in New Zealand.

To say it was relaxing is an understatement. I did so much sleeping, relaxing and thinking, it was crazy. We did some drinking but it was pretty tame.

Here’s some photos of the house me & 8 others stayed at:

Sliding doors to go outside

Awesome indoor/outdoor flow

The great outdoors!

View from the bathtub

This bathtub was amazing! Kept us cool in the day & was great fun having a hot bath in the evening

Unfortunately we got a lot of rain….gotta keep the surroundings green somehow though!

Now inside…

The dining area

Kitchen bench

The kitchen! It’s awesome knowing what sort of benchtop that is (I’m such a geek)

The living area where we watched numerous DVD’s on the rainy days

I had so much fun. Usually when I go away for new years, I come home extremely sleep deprived but this time, I felt so refreshed.


3 thoughts on “The Blue Rock Road Retreat;

    • Find some places you could hire in Stockholm with friends and make it happen hun! Maybe at the end of semester or during the summer break?

      Living in a nice house for a week is such an awesome little treat, plus also very motivating! I can’t wait until I have enough money saved to build my own place.

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