The weekend tradition of 2012

Swanbourne Beach

Last weekend, I went to Brighton Beach and went to ‘The Wild Fig’ with my friend C, which is a cute little cafe in the beach carpark. We had fresh fruit juices and I got the ‘Poor Boy’ which was chicken, prawns, corn fritter patty with salad. Absolutely divine!

This weekend, we tried out ‘The Naked Fig’ in Swanbourne. It was too hot to eat but we lay in the cabana and drank juice again.

Next weekend, C & I plan to go to South Beach and try ‘The Pickled Fig’, the 3rd one of the figs. All three figs are located within 100m of the beach, I’ll let you know which one has the best view. So far, I’ve preferred the ‘Naked Fig’ at Swanbourne because of the cabana’s and the amazing views.

I’m trying really hard to make the most of my time here in Perth & do things that make me happy. The beaches are definitely the best thing about Perth though!


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