There’s been quite a few new and exciting changes in my life lately…

Firstly, I got a second job, helping my friend out behind the bar on Saturday nights. They play punk rock, stuff I grew up listening to in high school and they serve drinks in big red cups like in the U.S.

Secondly, I got my hair cut and coloured. It’s been two years since I’ve had a short bob so I thought it was about time I did it again. It’s been a refreshing change and I don’t feel so boring always putting my hair up in a ponytail now…..I can’t quite do that anymore!

And thirdly, I have a boyfriend! I won’t say too much about it because it’s all fairly new. But it’s exciting and I’m totally smitten.

I promise a proper update soon.


4 thoughts on “NEW THINGS

  1. Tripple yay! So many good things going for you, so happy for you. The hair is super cute. I’m going to try to go and get my hair cut this weekend, it’s been too long since I got it cut and I’m guilty of putting it in a ponytail way too often to get it out of the way, plus I go to the gym so much and wash it all the time which is also making it look kind of sad. Wish I could say I had the third on your list too.

    • Good things come in 3′s right? and also bad…..haha.

      I was exactly the same. I just had it tied up in a ponytail all the time and because it was getting so long, it was very dull and flat! I think a shoulder cut is definitely the way to go, have you ever had it any shorter?

      Put yourself out there T and who knows what opportunities will come your way xxxx

  2. Love your hair! Looks amazing.
    I am dying to get a short bob but am way to scared (I have always had longish hair).

    Oh and congratulations on the boy 😉


    • Short hair is great! I was constantly wearing a ponytail to work or wearing it out straight on weekends and felt so boring! Only downside is, you have to always blowdry it straight. I went to the beach yesterday and it’s all wavy…..even shorter than normal!

      Hehe thanks 😀 Have finally found a nice boy who you can take home to your parents 🙂

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