I went to the beach after work on Friday with the boyfriend, M and we had a nice cold cider at (one) of my favourite places, Black Salt juuuust as the sun was setting.

I went shopping on Saturday and bought a bobble, a water bottle that filters as you drink, purchase inspired by Melinda’s review on it here.

It was my half brother Max’s birthday that day so I got him this witty card, filled with money…..awesome card or what?

Lunch was salmon, mashed potato, russian winter salad and sides of tomato with garlic and slices of beetroot…my favourite!

I then rolled to the car and had a nap when I got home. I keep getting into the terrible habit of eating myself into a coma everytime I visit my parents….must stop doing that asap!

The rest of the weekend includes working until 4am this morning (yawn), beach walks with K in the afternoon and chats with housemate K Mac.

What did everyone else get up to?


4 thoughts on “MY WEEKEND;

  1. Nice weekend recap, wish I could have a cold cider someplace warm! I’m super bummed because it’s GORGEOUS weather here today, a little bit warmer than it has been lately, clear blue skies and sunshine but all I’ve been doing all weekend is sitting inside studying my butt off for my exam and it’s so exhausting that I’m too tired to get my clothes on and go outside.

  2. Thanks for the mention lovely! (And what a fabulous colour you chose, hehe).

    That lunch looks divine by the way and I am not even much of a salmon eater! Did you make it?

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.


    • I love pale colours! Especially pastel purple! Didn’t realise we had the same one til I got home though….great minds huh?

      I can’t claim any of that food as mine….my mother is the god in the kitchen! I am getting there though.

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