Working from home.

What my coffee table looks like

Growing up, I’ve always thought working from home would be a fantastic idea, especially if I had kids. I’ve always been a deadline kind of girl as in, I do things in due date order (I will admit to procrastinating often though).

Today, I wasn’t feeling well after a doctors visit in the morning so I popped into the office on my way home and picked up a few files and my laptop. I thought I’d be able to do some work plus get started on my uni reading but it’s now 3:44pm and I’m afraid to say I haven’t done much!

I’ve managed to prepare lunch, put the washing out and vacuum the bedrooms (I had an ant problem) but every time I go near the work laptop, something pulls me away. Okay so I’ve done a bit of work but not nearly as much as I thought.

I honestly do have the mentality that I need to break up my time into work and personal but today, it’s not working for me. I’ll probably be up until midnight doing work because no matter how much I slack during the day, I cannot let a days work roll onto the next but….does anyone else have this problem with discpline?

Or is today a total cannot-be-fudged day?


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