Teen Bride;

I haven’t been myself today. I woke up and started cleaning straight away. Dishes, vacuuming, laundry- the lot. Then when I went to my parents house in the afternoon, I cleaned out all the boxes filled with my belongings. I think I spent 3 hours going through old birthday cards, letters, scrapbooks and stacks of photos.

Amongst all the photos, I found some from my high school ball in 2007. I look like I was more ready for my wedding than anything else!


My idea of a house;

I just had a 3 hour lecture all about concrete. Now I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoyed every minute of it. I can’t remember when my fascination with concrete houses started but it was well before I posted about The Safe House (I first saw this in a magazine early 2011).

I live in a state where double brick construction for residential houses is the norm so seeing anything slightly modern gets me excited. Valuing houses for a living, I get to see all sorts of awesome houses so I’m pretty lucky in that regard.

Here’s a few of my favourite concrete type houses from all around the world:

I love love loveeee the look of concrete and wood

Now if I could live in any of the above houses, I would never leave my house.

Chilling with my housemate

Living with a friend definitely has its upsides. We prearranged dinner so when I got home late from work, the bolognese mince was all cooked, we just had to heat up the pasta.

KM (my housemate) got a nail drying UV lamp yesterday and gave me a manicure. She used the new OPI polish that apparently stays on for a week…we’ll test this one because most varnishes chip within a few hours for me.

I’m going to miss these kind of nights. Dinner, manicures and crappy shows with my longest friend in Perth who is like a sister to me. Our lease expires in May and then KM is off to Dubai to fly with Emirates and I’m moving back home to save while I’m at university.

Trying not to think about how little time we have left together, I’m going to miss this girl!

Another relocation!

2012 is definitely shaping up to be one of my favourite years. After the news of two of my close friends moving/deciding to move to Melbourne earlier this year (here), my best friend S announced she’s making the move across to Queensland in the next few months.

I am BEYOND excited. The last time I was in Queensland, S & I spent the night in Brisbane together in July last year. There’s so much I’m still yet to see of Brisbane & the state, I’ve already made plans to head over there once she’s settled.

I’m already dreaming about the theme parks, beach times & night outs!

This week;

Top Left: Cronulla shirt from NSW; Top Right: New lawn!
Bottom Left: Hawaiian party; Bottom right: Sunday brunch

-This week, I’ve spent a lot of time at home in my most comfiest top, a singlet I got when I visited the state of New South Wales with my best friend S. I’ve been sick, dealing with all sorts of colds, headaches and possible hayfever. I just wish I could better already!

-I went and visited my parents yesterday and was surprised to FINALLY see the landscaping done. It was something that was included in the sale of the land but no one from the selling company has gotten round to doing it since my parents moved in last September. Would you guess it was fake grass?

-Last night, I had a friends Hawaiian themed party which my lovely friend M (pictured) organised. The decorations were awesome (I’ll have to post more about it tomorrow) but after last night, M should definitely consider event management.

-This morning, I went out for brunch with two girls I met in Europe in January 2011. One year on, we still catch up on a regular basis.

I found it very, very hard to resist making all four photos relate to food but I managed. Only JUST.

Thank you T

I have this amazing friend called Tina who sends me cute little gifts on a regular basis. She is really crafty and creative and as much as she calls her gifts ‘small’, they put a big smile on my face. To go out to a shop and buy something is easy but to think of something to make and spend time making it, is effort.

I think I have a box full of cards and letters from Tina over the years that I will never throw away.

So thank you T for always being so thoughtful, your efforts never go unnoticed ❤

Are you happy?

Earlier this month, Zack posted a new blog titled, “Are you happy? (My year in review)” .

I would urge you to read the whole article however, if you only have time to read this, here’s a extract of a great exercise.

“I did an exercise four months ago that I learned in Steve Pavlina’s book, Personal Development for Smart People. Steve says to assign a 1-10 rating of each area of your life – 1 means you’re completely dissatisfied with it, and 10 means “you’re absolutely experiencing what you desire.”

Here are some examples that Steve lists:

    • Daily routine
    • Career
    • Money & financial security
    • Health & Fitness
    • Mental development
    • Social life & relationships
    • Home & family
    • Character & integrity
    • Life purpose & contribution
    • Spiritual development

Note: I URGE you to jot down these ratings now – before you read the sentences that follow the bullet points. After you read the paragraph after the bullet points, the exercise is pointless.

OK – done with your list? Here we go.

He says to take any rating that isn’t a 9 or a 10 and replace it with a 1. If you’re not thrilled with an aspect of your life, it’s taking away from your happiness – or, at the very least, not adding to it. Any rating other than a 9 or 10 is just a 1 in disguise – “either you have what you want, or you don’t.” In the words of Yoda, “do, or do not. There is no try.”

I’ve put off doing this exercise for two weeks but really wish I hadn’t. There’s a few areas in my life I’m not exactly happy with and this was a big wake up call to make some adjustments.

What will you be doing this Monday?