Friday night// I went to the city for dinner with some friends for the last weekend of the ‘Twilight Hawkers Markets’. The markets are a combo of different food stalls open from 5-8pm. I had a taste of (in this very order): butter chicken, beef burrito, german donuts, potato on a stick, german sausage & chicken satay skewers. Who said sweets should be eaten last?

Saturday// Lunch & ice cream with my boy, afternoon at my parents & then I worked at the bar. Nothing too interesting to report here.

Sunday// I worked at the Future Music Festival, serving drinks in the VIP section. It was 36 degrees that day so I was very happy to be in the air-conditioned room! The picture above is the view we had from the room. Not too bad!

Monday// I went to Soundwave with some friends & I partied like it was 2004. I grew up listening to these bands so it was a little unreal seeing them live.

Come Tuesday, I am absolutely wrecked! What a busy weekend. I am looking forward to some quiet time this weekend….hopefully.


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