This week;

Top Left: Cronulla shirt from NSW; Top Right: New lawn!
Bottom Left: Hawaiian party; Bottom right: Sunday brunch

-This week, I’ve spent a lot of time at home in my most comfiest top, a singlet I got when I visited the state of New South Wales with my best friend S. I’ve been sick, dealing with all sorts of colds, headaches and possible hayfever. I just wish I could better already!

-I went and visited my parents yesterday and was surprised to FINALLY see the landscaping done. It was something that was included in the sale of the land but no one from the selling company has gotten round to doing it since my parents moved in last September. Would you guess it was fake grass?

-Last night, I had a friends Hawaiian themed party which my lovely friend M (pictured) organised. The decorations were awesome (I’ll have to post more about it tomorrow) but after last night, M should definitely consider event management.

-This morning, I went out for brunch with two girls I met in Europe in January 2011. One year on, we still catch up on a regular basis.

I found it very, very hard to resist making all four photos relate to food but I managed. Only JUST.


2 thoughts on “This week;

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick, that’s no good! 😦 Nice that you got better for the weekend though and could go to your friends Hawaiian party. That brunch looks amazing by the way.

    • Nope, still not better, probably wasn’t a good idea to go out but I hate cancelling plans. Looks like another week resting and hopefully I’ll be better for next weeekend!

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