Another relocation!

2012 is definitely shaping up to be one of my favourite years. After the news of two of my close friends moving/deciding to move to Melbourne earlier this year (here), my best friend S announced she’s making the move across to Queensland in the next few months.

I am BEYOND excited. The last time I was in Queensland, S & I spent the night in Brisbane together in July last year. There’s so much I’m still yet to see of Brisbane & the state, I’ve already made plans to head over there once she’s settled.

I’m already dreaming about the theme parks, beach times & night outs!

2 thoughts on “Another relocation!

  1. Oh yay! 🙂 I’m so happy for you!! I’m hoping this year is going to be good for me too, one that I can look back on at new years eve and smile about. Speaking of new years eve, I need to make sure to actually DO something on New years eve this year, no more just moping around at home doing nothing. Too depressing.

    • I was actually thinking of NYE the other week now that 3 of my friends will be in Australia too. Can’t believe it’s so far away yet we’re already planning for it! haha. Wish you could come here! That would be awesomeeeeee

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