Chilling with my housemate

Living with a friend definitely has its upsides. We prearranged dinner so when I got home late from work, the bolognese mince was all cooked, we just had to heat up the pasta.

KM (my housemate) got a nail drying UV lamp yesterday and gave me a manicure. She used the new OPI polish that apparently stays on for a week…we’ll test this one because most varnishes chip within a few hours for me.

I’m going to miss these kind of nights. Dinner, manicures and crappy shows with my longest friend in Perth who is like a sister to me. Our lease expires in May and then KM is off to Dubai to fly with Emirates and I’m moving back home to save while I’m at university.

Trying not to think about how little time we have left together, I’m going to miss this girl!


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