Zero Sleeps til S arrives!

S & I at our favourite place in the world- Piha, West Auckland (Jan 2012)

The last time I saw my best friend S was when I waved goodbye from the Qantas business lounge (the only time I’ve flown business class).  On my last night in Auckland this summer, we decided to go out for some drinks with friends which resulted in me missing my 6am flight & staying an extra 2 days with my second family, S’s family. It could be worse.

Hopefully no missed flights this time but I do have an action packed weekend full of dinners, outings & quality time. This weekend marks 15 years of an amazing friendship! You can bet I have a great idea up my sleeve.

Pictures to come! x

A Minimalist Living Starter Guide by Mark Lowe

A combination of numerous moves & a busy lifestyle has seen me craving simplicity more and more recently. Up until today, the thought always crossed my mind but it wasn’t until I saw this post, ‘A Minimalist Living Starter Guide’  did I realise I need to stop delaying the big clean.

See, my life has been in boxes for years. Ever since moving to Australia in 2007, I’ve never been settled in one place so it’s been easier to just leave everything in partly organised boxes, ramaging through them every few months if that. When I do go through them, I keep coming across things that sit between the ‘keep’ and ‘throw away’ pile.

Once my two assignments are done next month, I’m going to take a leaf out of Mark’s book and do the following:

“Get rid of needless stuff. Start with one room and concentrate on that room. Be ruthless.
Donate it, sell it or toss it. Then move on to another room.

Keep only what is truly essential. If it serves a real purpose then it stays. It can even be for aesthetic purposes. I have wall art. I just like looking at it.

Keep doing this. There is no end to this process. Keep at it until you are satisfied with the amount of stuff you have. Some go so far as identify a number of items they allow themselves to live with. You can try this approach to minimalist living if you think it will work for you.”

Question: Are you a hoarder? Or is it time to clean up your things?

Change of routine;

Now that I’m no longer living 2 minutes drive from work, I’ve got the option of catching public transport to work as opposed to dying a slow, painful death (driving in peak hour traffic).

I haven’t caught the bus/train to work since I started this job 8 months ago and today I realised just how much I missed it! Spending the journey to work either reading a book, magazine or messaging friends, made me realise just how little time I’ve made for these things.

The past year, I feel like everyday is just ‘go, go, go’. From the moment I wake up, I rush to get ready for work (I’m never on time),  I try cram appointments and errands in the lunch breaks I do get and when I come home from work, exhausted, I have uni work to do. Until this morning, I didn’t really notice just how little time I had for myself everyday.

This change couldn’t have come at a better time. Even if I have to wake up an hour earlier, I can go to bed even earlier than normal because I’ve managed to fit everything else into my day: checking social media, calling friends in NZ, exercise & a little reading. I may even go a step further and start reading uni notes on the train & listening to lectures.


5 houses in 5 years;

I’ve only lived in Perth 5 years but the number of houses I’ve lived in may soon outweigh the years! Since the move over from New Zealand, I don’t have many things so packing is easy and only getting easier. Moving this morning to house #5, it only took me an hour to get everything together and onto the truck.

Packing is easy- it’s unpacking & arranging that I hate…..especially because I already know another move is on the horizon! Ugh.

Stability- I hope I get to see you sometime in the near future.


Every now and then, I randomly stumble across blogs that blow me away. Whether it’s the words or the photos, these pages get instantly saved to my favourites.

Tonight, I came across the blog of We Live Young, a 19 year old photographer with so much talent, it’s mind blowing. I feel like I’ve taken a walk down memory lane and I’m looking into my life 10 years ago. I just don’t come across photos like that these days.

It’s just funny the timing of it all. Just this morning, I got into a conversation with a lady about how much I miss experimenting with photography because all I ever do these days is work or study. Coming across this blog has only made me more certain about my direction.


What a day off work looks like...

This week I’m grateful for;

  • An understanding boss that lets me have days off to study
  • Skype for letting me see friends in NZ & the States and making me forget how far away they are
  • Busy friends stopping to let me know they’re thinking of me
  • People asking for my advice and trusting my opinion
  • Kind words spoken about my progress at work

but most of all, I’m grateful for the people I have in my life. Even though they are all spread across the world, this week they’ve felt closer than ever.

New York by Gehry

A few weeks ago, I watched a video on a fascinating new building in Manhattan.

“At 870 feet tall, New York by Gehry is the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere and a singular addition to the iconic Manhattan skyline. For his first residential commission in New York City, master architect Frank Gehry has reinterpreted the design language of the classic Manhattan high-rise with undulating waves of stainless steel that reflect the changing light, transforming the appearance of the building throughout the day. Gehry’s distinctive aesthetic is carried across the interior residential and amenity spaces with custom furnishings and installations.”

Now I’m not sure how clear it is that I love heights. I discovered this obsession backpacking through Europe, climbing whatever buildings gave me access, and hiking up hills just to get those few photos of all the miniature things below. There’s just something about heights that brings me peace- strange isn’t it since so many people fear heights!

The thought of climbing this new building by Frank Gehry while they still have apartment viewings is motivating me to sort out my financial situation SO much.

Just take a look at some of the views:

Who’s coming with me?