So the school counsellor wants me to study less?

I went to see a school counsellor last week to help me deal with all the stress of full time work & study but he pretty much told me what I already know: to remain calm, I need to put back all the things I’ve brushed aside which is exercise and regular catch ups with friends.

I thought back to semester 1, 2011 (this time last year) and the reason I survived that semester was because one, I had a treadmill and two, I went for regular walks around the block every few hours when I was studying/doing assignments on weekends.

I’ve taken his advice, as soon as I come home from work in the evenings, I go for a quick 30 minute walk around the neighbourhood before making dinner. I went four times during the week, did lots of walking around the shops yesterday and I’ve managed to do two walks today, one alone and one with a friend.

And you know what? 30 minutes of walking around the block isn’t going to make me fail. Sitting inside and getting frustrated will though! I can feel the old Anna, the calmer one returning and I’m loving every minute of it! Plus, I live in a gorgeous area, must remember to bring my phone next time to get some photos.


2 thoughts on “So the school counsellor wants me to study less?

  1. I agree, a little exercise makes all the difference in the world. I noticed this very clearly last week when I was feeling anxious and stressed out about my move (I literally had a lump in my throat and was on the verge of tears), on two occasions I went to the gym when I felt like that, and my workout completely removed that bad feeling. I walked out with a smile on my face instead of a frown! I ❤ the gym! 🙂

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