Swap Meet: Round 2

At 4am, my housemate KM & I woke up, packed our cars and drove down the road to the weekly swap meet. I haven’t been since April last year which was a success…I guess April is the time of year I decide, enough is enough, I have too much crap (I aint denying that!)

The one I went to last year was already full by 4:45am (I don’t even want to know what time people go there) so we drove to another one 10 minutes away. It wasn’t the same age group, it was more older families wanting things for the house but we had a few mothers come by and get stuff for their daughters.

In the space of a few hours, we got rid of a lot of stuff. I made roughly the same amount as last year but it’s not really the money part that matters: it’s more getting rid of as much as possible.

Here’s a few pictures I got of this years set up:

This is KM’s great idea

Woo customers!

The rope wasn’t as strong as we thought….

And just a little something extra….

KM & I still have a load of stuff unsold, dresses we’ve paid big $$ for that we were a little hesitant to sell so we’re going to organise a swap meet with friends. I’ve taken the task on board and I cannot wait to get a date set & hopefully get rid of the rest of my dresses and tops.


2 thoughts on “Swap Meet: Round 2

  1. I wish I knew a place here to do “garage”-type sales like this. When I was packing and cleaning to move I gave two HUGE bags of clothes to charity, all of it in great condition. It would have been awesome if I could have sold it instead, my student budget could use the extra little boost.

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