Happy Monday!

Last week I requested to have Monday (today) off work. I did some study in the morning, looked over some upcoming assignments and made a uni ‘to do’ list for the week which is growing as the day goes on. I want to be on top of university this semester, none of these all-nighters the weekend before an assignment is due business.

It wasn’t all study though. After 5 hours, I was long overdue for a break. I went to the mall to get a new phone but after some terrible customer service from that phone shop, followed by more terrible customer service at other retail shops, I left the mall in a horrible mood. I went to another mall 15 minutes away and got greeted at every shop I went into and what a difference that makes!

I ended up walking away with some coloured pants, shirt (not pictured), knitted sweater and my first pair of jeans in 4 years! Stoked.

I cannot wait to wear this- it’s so soft!

Possibly the most comfiest denim I have tried in a long, long time.

Climbing on tables…as you do.


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