Autumn in East Perth

As I was running out the door for lunch today, I quickly grabbed my DSLR because the poor thing doesn’t leave the house much these days. As much as it’s convenient taking my iphone or digital camera, the photos aren’t as crisp as the ones on my Nikon DSLR.

Autumn in Perth is beautiful. There’s so many suburbs that have been planned and landscaped well and East Perth is a prime example. Here’s a few snaps from today:

House envy!

East Perth waterfront

East Perth is a short walk away from the city

Days like today, I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful city!


2 thoughts on “Autumn in East Perth

  1. Gorgeous photos! I wish it looked like that here now. It’s SNOWING here right now and really nasty cold weather. It’s been coming down since I got up this morning. So depressing. It’s April, good Friday, Easter weekend and all, that should mean nice, sunny, Spring weather! Someone didn’t get the memo…

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