Easter Friday in Perth;

I went out for lunch in East Perth with a friend today and we went for a walk after. I love this time of the year where some trees are still full & green yet some are already bare.

My friend G works away so whenever she’s here (which isn’t often), I take her to all sorts of different places. Today after our walk around East Perth, we drove out to the coast to a beach called Swanbourne which is a famous nudist beach. I love the beach because of the amazing view from The Naked Fig cafe….of the ocean of course.

I LOVE their juices (as mentioned here) and I can’t get past the fruit fetish mix- orange, passionfruit and pineapple. YUM! I had another one of them today with a trio dip with gluten free bread. This place caters to all my needs, even dietary. Two thumbs up!

It doesn’t feel like Easter Friday here. I didn’t see any family, quite a few places were open for business and there was no Easter bunny. I did eat far too much chocolate but what else is new?


2 thoughts on “Easter Friday in Perth;

  1. I wish I could go to The Naked Fig café with you, the juice looks so good and the view! Can’t wait until we have nicer weather here, so sick of this long winter now.

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