High School Drop Out

N, R & myself maaaaaaany years ago.

The minute I was legally allowed to leave high school, I did at the age of sixteen. At that age, I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school and I felt like I was wasting away, studying things I wasn’t interested in.

Up until last week however, I’ve never thought twice about alternative education until I read Zack’s post “Why your kid hates school” (other than home schooling).

The common school structure isn’t for everyone and this very point is raised in “Brain Rules” by John Medina, where he mentions how no two brains are wired the same. So why are  schools not recognising this?

After doing some research, I was surprised to see so many alternative education schools in Australian, namely the Steiner Education system which originates from Germany. The schools education is all recognised by the Australian Cirrculumn Council (the education body) yet their philosophy is so different….so much better. It’s all about gaining the basic material necessities of life & freedom of thought amongst other things.

What are your thoughts about your nations education system?


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