Mingling with the miners

A development site in Karratha, August 2011 and April 2012

On Wednesday morning, I flew up to Karratha for my second time for work. My boss flys up every fortnight for work while I stay in the office but now that I’m on semester break, I was able to go up as well.

We looked at two new developments and a few dozen houses. Karratha and Port Hedland, 2 and a half hours drive from Karratha, are massive mining towns. The amount of money pumped into these towns is insane.

I did enjoy my trip though. I stayed at a mining camp where you can have unlimited food aka I would become a fatty if I came here often. I tried to be healthy, eating burramundi but the hot chips and ice cream for dessert was far too good to give up.

The miners that stay at this camp have it good. There’s a gym, fitness classes in the evenings, a swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts and a pub on site where all drinks are half price. Plus after breakfast, there’s a room for everyone to pack their own lunch!

I like this place.


2 thoughts on “Mingling with the miners

  1. That’s cool that you get to go with your boss on these trips, even if it’s not as often as he goes. Sounds like quite the luxury, or comfort rather, they’re being offered there.

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