5 houses in 5 years;

I’ve only lived in Perth 5 years but the number of houses I’ve lived in may soon outweigh the years! Since the move over from New Zealand, I don’t have many things so packing is easy and only getting easier. Moving this morning to house #5, it only took me an hour to get everything together and onto the truck.

Packing is easy- it’s unpacking & arranging that I hate…..especially because I already know another move is on the horizon! Ugh.

Stability- I hope I get to see you sometime in the near future.


7 thoughts on “5 houses in 5 years;

    • In the past 5 years, we’ve lived in one area but 3 different houses, at the moment living a bit further out but no doubt, will be back in the original suburb in no time! haha.

  1. Thanks for commenting on my scary bathroom reno!
    That would be really hard moving that often, Iv only lived in 6 houses in my entire life and it takes me days to move I have so much c**p! I really hate moving. I hope you find a stayer home soon 🙂

    • Oh I own the bare minimal from all the moves! I can only dream of one day having a house where I can buy furniture to suit that house but judging by my track record, that doesn;t look too promising 😛

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