Change of routine;

Now that I’m no longer living 2 minutes drive from work, I’ve got the option of catching public transport to work as opposed to dying a slow, painful death (driving in peak hour traffic).

I haven’t caught the bus/train to work since I started this job 8 months ago and today I realised just how much I missed it! Spending the journey to work either reading a book, magazine or messaging friends, made me realise just how little time I’ve made for these things.

The past year, I feel like everyday is just ‘go, go, go’. From the moment I wake up, I rush to get ready for work (I’m never on time),  I try cram appointments and errands in the lunch breaks I do get and when I come home from work, exhausted, I have uni work to do. Until this morning, I didn’t really notice just how little time I had for myself everyday.

This change couldn’t have come at a better time. Even if I have to wake up an hour earlier, I can go to bed even earlier than normal because I’ve managed to fit everything else into my day: checking social media, calling friends in NZ, exercise & a little reading. I may even go a step further and start reading uni notes on the train & listening to lectures.



3 thoughts on “Change of routine;

  1. My life has been so insanely busy the past month that I’m realizing I need to try to slow things down a notch or I’m going to end up running with my head first into the wall. Right now there’s just so much going on that I’m constantly forced to puzzle things together to fit everything in, which then leads to zero downtime. :/

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