A Minimalist Living Starter Guide by Mark Lowe

A combination of numerous moves & a busy lifestyle has seen me craving simplicity more and more recently. Up until today, the thought always crossed my mind but it wasn’t until I saw this post, ‘A Minimalist Living Starter Guide’  did I realise I need to stop delaying the big clean.

See, my life has been in boxes for years. Ever since moving to Australia in 2007, I’ve never been settled in one place so it’s been easier to just leave everything in partly organised boxes, ramaging through them every few months if that. When I do go through them, I keep coming across things that sit between the ‘keep’ and ‘throw away’ pile.

Once my two assignments are done next month, I’m going to take a leaf out of Mark’s book and do the following:

“Get rid of needless stuff. Start with one room and concentrate on that room. Be ruthless.
Donate it, sell it or toss it. Then move on to another room.

Keep only what is truly essential. If it serves a real purpose then it stays. It can even be for aesthetic purposes. I have wall art. I just like looking at it.

Keep doing this. There is no end to this process. Keep at it until you are satisfied with the amount of stuff you have. Some go so far as identify a number of items they allow themselves to live with. You can try this approach to minimalist living if you think it will work for you.”

Question: Are you a hoarder? Or is it time to clean up your things?


5 thoughts on “A Minimalist Living Starter Guide by Mark Lowe

  1. I embrace this type of living wholeheartedly! I’ve never been one to have lots of “stuff”, and especially these past 5-6 years I’ve felt more and more uncomfortable having too much stuff that doesn’t serve a purpose. I’ve done several big cleans where I’ve gone through my things in sections and donated huge bags of stuff to charity, and tried to sell a couple of things too. As nice as it feels to give stuff to charity, I wish it was easier to sell things, so that I could make a little extra cash to go towards essential/necessary things like groceries and rent.

    • Put something on facebook and see who else is interested in selling things? You could organise a yard sale with some friends or you could make a website for all the things you’re selling and see if people will buy online?

  2. I think 5 houses in 5 years would have been an incredibly interesting experience! You have to try to settle and feel at home whilst always thinking when you’ll be packing up and leaving again. I love your suggestions here though. I actually moved a LOT when I first moved out of home at 17 (I think my count was 4 houses in 2 years…lots of 6 month leases) but I made sure I always made each place feel settled and was constantly getting rid of stuff along the way 🙂 Hopefully wherever you are now is ‘your’ place for the next few years 🙂 x

    • I just hate not being able to decorate walls in rental properties! Am dying to hang up photo frames and canvas! I’m lucky that I feel comfortable wherever I am/living but still don’t think I will feel 100% settled until I own a place. Soon hopefully!

  3. […] I’ve often thought about one day just packing up & moving to the country to build a house with a big verandah, where nothing interferes my views. I don’t think I’m being unrealistic here, I only have to move a little bit out of the closest town because all you really need are the bare minimums, especially if I plan to live simply. […]

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