Photo a day: June edition;

Above is a 30 day photo challenge. I attempted this photo challenge in April….and failed miserably at Day 8. I’ve found ways NOT to fail this time. To put each days word into my iCal so the first thing I see every morning as my alarm goes off is the little reminder to take a photo.

Too much? Not at all. The things I have to do for my brain to remember things is a little crazy sometimes.

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Couldn’t even tell you the date today;

You know those moments when you look at the calendar and think, “No that can’t be right!” when looking at the date? Or when someone says a certain date and you have no idea how many days away that is?

That’s been happening a lot to me recently. I’ve booked appointments on the wrong day (thinking it’s Friday when really it’s only Thursday), I’ve nearly missed appointments and I’ve even turned up to appointments on the wrong day (true story last week!)

I’m putting this down to the fact I’m doing too much. I’m packing so much into my days, they are just flying past & I’m regrettably missing precious moments. I did choose to fast track my degree so I can’t really complain about it during semester but I’m in need of some serious tips on how to do less AND feel okay.

I’ve always been that girl that’s working two jobs & studying, doing this & doing that. Somewhere along the line, I’ve forgotten how to actually live.

Anyone else the same and want to slow down? Or anyone been that busy person & learnt how to be happy doing less?

Let’s Write: How Do You Relax?

Happy Monday! I now love Monday’s thanks to Mumma in Heels. This weeks Let’s Write topic is: ‘How Do You Relax?’

The things I do to relax depend on how much time I have. If I need a little bit of time out from study or work, I take a walk around the block. Just 5 minutes of fresh air does wonders. Work is very cool with this because they understand that a stressed brain is a useless brain.

If it’s half an hour, I like to take a bath & read a book. If I’m at home, I’ll sometimes take my book outside and sit on the deck (we face a park which has a relaxing effect on you).

If I have a few hours to spare, I like to go to the beach in summer and just walk and then go for a paddle or if it’s cold, I go to the indoor pools and then have a sauna after. I am a complete water rat!

Another one of my (new) favourites which can take between 2-20 minutes is meditating. I only recently learnt how to meditate…I have never been able to silence my brain until last week! It’s the perfect workplace technique when I don’t have enough time to go for a walk or I feel like I’m too far in the moment. A little bit of meditation helps settle my mind.

But how could I forget my number one relaxant these days….tea. A cup of camomile with honey makes everything better.

I’ve realised one thing though: my idea of relaxing is a solo mission. I get tired round others so the above are ways I recharge my batteries & readjust.

Now it’s your turn! Do you have some tips I’ve missed? I’ve love to know!

Photography fix;

Tonight, I discovered this great (but dangerous) site called Photojojo. Browsing the various items in the store, I came across this AWESOME USB Drive in the shape of a camera shown in the picture above and below.

I don’t know about you, but that item instantly went into my shopping cart. It’s cute, little and the fact that you can pick Nikon OR Canon is awesome.

Check out the other items for DSLR’s and cellphones HERE. I’ve already purchased something else but it’s currently out of stock. You will all have to wait until it’s in my hot little hands before I go boasting about it!


I’ll have a regular-large cup thanks;

I have no idea why but three times this week, I have woken up from bad dreams. By bad I mean, I’ve had dreams about getting kidnapped, murdered and attacked. Not the best way to start the day!

I was however, lucky to have a sleep in this morning & was able to take my time getting ready over some morning blogging & tea drinking. If only every morning could start like this!

I went onto campus for a 10am lecture followed by lunch with a twitter friend who works around the corner. I bumped into J from class going into the cafe and didn’t have the guts to say I was meeting someone but it all worked out well, we had chats about Europe and my silliness (ordering a tea and asking for a regular-large cup when the girl asked me if I wanted regular OR large and then asking for a roll when I meant wrap…sick brains don’t function well) amongst other things. Hooray for new friends found via twitter!

After uni, I stopped by the shops to pick up the latest addition to the mac family….papa mac! He is gorgeous ❤ I allowed myself the evening to relax, tea in hand as I watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl. What can I say, it’s my guilty pleasure!

Now here’s hoping I have a productive weekend of study ahead of me….or else I’m screwed for exams!


The Big Verandah

I’ve often thought about one day just packing up & moving to the country to build a house with a big verandah, where nothing interferes my views. I don’t think I’m being unrealistic here, I only have to move a little bit out of the closest town because all you really need are the bare minimums, especially if I plan to live simply.

As much as I love the city and my work is currently city based, it doesn’t mean that it will be forever. There’s so many things I can do with my profession in property that I’m not worried about the little details at the moment. Time to audition for ‘The Farmer wants a Wife‘?

If you want some inspiration for a house in the country, follow The White Verandah.

My digs;

At the moment, I’m currently digging:

– Winter coats….especially trenchcoats because even though it’s highly unlikely to rain in Perth, they look awesome with jeans & boots

– The super catchy “Daydreaming” by Flux Pavillion ft Example

– Lara Bingle’s new bikini bod in the latest OK! Magazine (and the fact her new show Being Lara Bingle airs Thurs 7th June!)

– Mumma in Heels & She’s Sonic’s fab little site Shop Me Chic which has gotten me out of my work wardrobe dilemma

-The thought of having a sleep in tomorrow & only 3 hours of lectures which brings me to…

What I’m not digging:

– This damn cold. I can’t taste chocolate 😦

Something I don’t do enough of;

Thank you; to my boss for being super flexible with my work hours as uni starts to get hectic

Thank you; to Miz K for being such an awesome friend that can listen AND offer advice

Thank you; uni for giving me two weeks between end of assignments and start of exams so I can have a break

Thank you; Dallas Green (aka City and Colour) for calming me down with your words as I drive in traffic every morning

Thank you; to my friends who aren’t getting fed up for my cancelled plans & are being totally understanding right now and..

Thank you; readers! I see the stats and although most of you are a mystery to me, it’s nice to know someone is reading 🙂

Let’s Write… How Do You Start Your Day?

Would have no problem waking up here! Source: Tumblr

Every Monday, Melinda at Mumma in Heels will be posting up fun questions to answer so your readers can get to know you better. I’m all about this! Take part and post your link HERE.

I’ll try not to be gloomy about how I start my mornings but waking up at 5:35am is taking its toll on me! I usually snooze until 5:55 before rolling out of bed and walking to the kitchen like a zombie with my eyes closed (quite a sight!). I usually cut up an apple and sometimes make a green tea and then go back to bed to check twitter & instagram while I slowly wake up. By this stage I’m awake enough not to stick toothpaste on my face so on goes the makeup and if I feel like it, sometimes the hair is straightened. Then I’m out the door by 7am to either work or uni.

I feel tired just thinking about my routine. I hope everyone elses routine is a bit more exciting than mine!

Groovin The Moo

Ever since my first Groovin The Moo (GTM) experience in 2010, I’ve been looking forward to the next one as soon as one’s ended. It’s in May which means I’m not a moody cow (no pun intended ha!) from the heat like I tend to be at all the summer festivals but there’s something about GTM that I love.

Maybe it’s the fact that they are held in regional parts of Australia so it’s more of a weekend road trip as opposed to a typical day festival. The past two times, I drove down on the Friday night & stayed two nights but being on a budget this year, I drove down Saturday morning with a friend. We had lunch at a local brewery in Bunbury called The MASH Brewery which had views over the water & then made our way to the festival where we danced until late at night.

Here’s some photos from the day/night:

Dancing to Hermitude in the all ages section….I felt OLD!


We collected cans because for every can you brought back, you got $1 refund! We made $27 between us two!

There were funny outfits…this rabbit had carrots taped to his leg….genius!!

Me & my partner in crime Miss S

I waited 30 minutes for this spot to see Hilltop Hoods & weathered a brat pouring her drink all over my head for this prime spot….so worth it!

Next year, I’ll probably be a little bit more prepared for the weekend and actually organise accommodation….me & Miss S slept in my car! It was super comfy & warm though. However, the sun at 7am was a little painful.