My weekend with S

My weekend in summary:

– Sleep ins

– Lunch at The Greenhouse

– City trip to look at new buildings (I’m a geek okay)

– Fererro ice cream mixed with chocolate brownie and oreo biscuits

– Fremantle

– Local pub hang outs

– Big group dinners

– Big hangovers

– Drinking cider on the way to LUNCH cause it was that bad

– Leederville catch ups with old housemate KM

S, myself & K

– Farewell party for my old housemate KM

– Sad times 😦

– Rainy mornings

– AM coffee runs

– Naked Fig lunch date with bestie & 2 European friends

– Photo times at Swanbourne beach

– Kings Park views (cause the city’s changed a lot since I last went up)

– Sunday night cuddles before late night flight

– Very sad times

I had my bestie with me for everything I did this weekend…I wish we could do this more!


One thought on “My weekend with S

  1. I’m happy S was able to come and visit you so that you guys got some time together. Looks like you had an awesome weekend. I’ve got my fingers crossed you get to see each other again soon.

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