I don’t like goodbyes.

I’ve been very fortunate in the past year that I’ve been able to see my best friend four times, considering we both work full time, I study half the year and we live 8 hours flight apart.

It was S’s fourth visit to Perth since I moved over here five years ago, three visits thanks to her work, Virgin Airlines. It was one of our shorter times together but we did plenty to make up for it.

The goodbyes never get any easier though. This time was a lot harder than usual because neither of us know when we’ll be visiting each others home turfs next. While S is in the process of relocating to the east coast of Australia this year, I’ve got a lot of thinking to do about my future movements.

If I want to move back to New Zealand in the future, I need to stop making trips back home 1-2 times a year because it comes at a cost of visiting other places. There’s so many places I’m still yet to visit like New York, Thailand and Rio before I can even think about going back to some of my favourite places such as Bali, LA and Berlin.

I’m racking my brain trying to think of ways I can work less yet be able to travel more. Any ideas?


8 thoughts on “I don’t like goodbyes.

  1. It would be a wonderful world if we were able to satisfy our wanderlust without needing money. I suppose, one alternative to the work/travel balance would be to work whilst travelling. That would be the ultimate experience and, in my opinion; I believe it would be suited to your bubbly and social personality. You’ll be able to experience *living* in different places rather than just visiting them. But, if I know you well; I know you like a bit of stability too. I also see your drive to excel professionally in your career which is a great thing to be doing now rather than later. There are so many options in this life of ours! It’s quite tricky to pick which one to take but, regardless, no option taken should be regretful one.

    That’s my two cents, anyway. I thought I’d show some commentary love since I read all your posts; I might as well interact with you ;).

    Take care! πŸ™‚

    • Aw Marcus, you don’t know how much this comment made my day! You have pretty much summed me up to a tee. As much as I love traveling, I don’t like to mix it with work- there’s not enough down time! I’m fortunate with my new job that I’m able to go on little day trips (see new blog later tonight) but the thought of being away from home for over a week for work doesn’t appeal to me.

      My best friend S works for an international airline and I have seen over the years just how exhausted she has become. Sure, she gets free flights and heavily discounted flights for herself and friends, but the hours are long and days are spent in countries with no phone line (the islands).

      Thanks for your input, so nice to have comments every now & then, never really know who my readers are!

      • My apologies for the late response! I’ve been having some early nights combatting some disease (maybe not so dramatic, but still… haha).

        Anywho; I am really glad that my comment made your day! I am sure you have plenty of visitors and I’m definitely one (of your many, I assume) dedicated reader :o).

        You truly are fortunate with the flexibility your new job gives you! (Awesome photos by the way!) I think it’s great that you like to keep your travel as a holiday. I haven’t yet had a proper ‘holiday’ as such but I am truly looking forward to one! I’ve been to Melbourne so much recording that I’m itching to get my feet on some new land. I’ve started having feelings of wanderlust (which I’ve never had before) and I just need to do it. And I admire the fact you’ve done so much travel at such a young age, too! What you have achieved in your life so far truly is something!

        I am sure you have a huge life of travel ahead and with all the work you’re putting into your future; I say that without a doubt! πŸ™‚

      • Oh I definitely need some early nights myself but it seems my body is most alert at this time! I was all ready for bed before but now I’m finding myself inspired to write and do some study….first time all week so I’m taking advantage of this little boost!

        What’s wrong?? Are you okay? I hope it’s not something too scary?

        As many ‘holiday’ snaps as I post, I haven’t been on a true holiday since February 2011 which feels like a lifetime ago! (true holiday is relaxing for 3+ days haha). But will you be in Melbourne by July this year??

      • Glad you’ve got the motivation back :). Definitely make the most of it while you have it! Sleep can wait at times, haha.

        I’ve just got a common throat infection type-thing. Haha. Nothing serious and I’m well on my way to recovery! Just bummed about it ruining my extravagant plans to get back into fitness last week. But it looks like I’ll just have to commence next week :).

        Haha; that is quite a while ago! To be fair; I did have a pretty good relax last year for two weeks. I really should have made more of that, though and actually go somewhere haha. But I’m positive I’ll get a chance very soon!

        I won’t be in Melbourne by July. Planned move is October but I’m going in June to finish this project of mine! I can’t believe how long I’ve been working on it and it’s finally coming to the end! I’m rather keen on just getting it out and starting on a new one! I have learned so much while working on it; and just making it has been awesome. :). I’m not fussed if people don’t like it because I’ve just made it for me and it’s something I needed to do.

      • Even though I am DYING for a sleep over 7 hours, this is the most energy I’ve had all week so I think sleep can definitely wait until the weekend!

        Do you think a sauna will help? When I’m sick and I can’t work out, I go to the sauna and just breathe & I find it relaxes me and also helps me sweat out all the nasties! Not sure how it’ll be with a sore throat though.

        Bummer, I’ll just miss you! I’m going beginning of July & finally going for longer than 3 days!

      • Definitely embrace the energy! You’ll thank yourself when you get to sleep later :).

        I was tempted to do the sauna but I thought I wouldn’t risk it in case I got worse. Many times heat has really helped me but in some cases it just made it worse, lol. So I’m taking the safe route and just resting when I need to :).

        I’m going early June; it would have been great to have a catch up in Melbourne! But soon enough I’ll be there permanently! πŸ™‚ I really cannot wait. As much as I love Perth for what it is; I really think this move is crucial for my growth (I don’t know why; but I just feel it and I think it’s time I stop ignoring my intuition!).

      • Well don’t feel bad you can’t exercise this week, it’s better to be sick just this one week instead of making it drag into two weeks!

        I feel exactly the same way about California! I have felt that way since before I even went there, when I got there, I was instantly in love & that feeling & desire to go back has never left me. So fingers crossed no obstacles stand in the way of me going over there once uni is done!

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