Working Away Wednesday

Yesterday, I set my alarm for 3:38am for a 6am flight up to Exmouth. It’s a small little town 2 hours flight (or 1,260km’s) from Perth that is popular amongst tourists. I went up there for work but I also got plenty of time to see the place.

Doing a progress inspection on the construction of a house

After inspecting one house and doing 3 progress inspections, I had lunch at a little cafe & drove to the closest beach….it doesn’t really have a name so I’ll just call it the 1st stop.

Drove a commodore…how bogan of me.

Reaaaaally regretted not bringing my bathers when it was 35 degrees out

Then I drove to the other side of the coast, drove up the hill to my 2nd spot where I had this amazing view:

Starting this job 11 months ago, I never thought this would be a part of my job description but life sure does surprise me sometimes! Little trips like this remind me just how beautiful this state is & how much more there is to see for me.

Considering it’s rained the past two times S has come to Perth, definitely considering Exmouth as our little getaway next time!


3 thoughts on “Working Away Wednesday

  1. Wow, that looks lovely! You’re SO lucky you get to travel and see all these amazing places as part of your job, I hope I get a job where I can travel too.

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