Goodbye for now KM :(

Sitting in the car boot- 2012

When I first moved to Perth in March 2007, I only knew one other person and his name was Hunter. That week it was his birthday & the day after I moved over, he threw a big party which is where I met KM.

She took me under her wing; took me out the following weekend, introduced me to people, snuck me into nightclubs (I was 16 at the time),  we had sleep overs and she would pick me up after work & drop me off the following afternoon. When I had a school ball to attend, she let me borrow a dress & jewellery and did my hair (she was a hairdresser at the time).

She’s the kind of friend that is always there for you. She returns phone calls, she turns up somewhere when she says she will, she doesn’t bail (without a good excuse) but what I’m getting at…she’s a great friend. One you would be very very lucky to have in your life.

Seven months ago, we moved in together and sitting here now, I can’t help smiling at what a good time of my life that was. Many nights were spent staying up far too late, talking & laughing, getting takeouts and cooking dinner, bingeing on cheese and crackers and just having a ball in general.

This morning, we caught up over brunch & said our final goodbyes (for now). KM is off to Dubai on Monday on a 3 year work contract. I was fine until I looked at photos of us together over the years. I’m going to miss having her around, going on bike rides so far that we had to get picked up to be taken home, walks around the river, movie nights & dinners but most of all, I’m going to miss creating memories with her.

KM, you’re not even gone yet but I already miss the thought of you being away 😦 Love your little sis, A xx

The week after we first met- 2007

My 18th- 2008

Kelly’s birthday at Parklife- 2008

Kelly’s 21st- 2009

My 20th- 2010


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