25 things to do before I’m 25;

Last night, I got this great idea from Anna to make a list of things to do before you’re 25. I’m still brainstorming my list but I have approximately 3 years and 3 months to tick 25 things off my list. I’m going to be realistic here, I’ll be studying full time until my 24th birthday so the places I can go in the next 2 and a half years are a little limiting but I’m still going to think hard about the things I want to accomplish before my 25th birthday.

Anyone else inspired to make a similar list? 30 things before your 30th birthday etc?


7 thoughts on “25 things to do before I’m 25;

  1. I should do this, it’ll have to be a list of things to do before I’m 30 though because I’ll be 25 this August… :S

    The thing is though… I find it so hard to think of things to put on lists like this! I have at times tried to write a bucket list, but find I get stuck trying to think of things to put on it…

    • Ooooh the big 2-5!! I am looking forward to hitting that milestone, everything between 21 & 25 seems a bit boring!

      I’m with you though, I’m struggling with my list. I’m fine with writing lists for day to day stuff or even monthly or yearly plans but plans for the next 3 years? Not so easy!

  2. That is a great idea – I had a bit of a to do list and crossed off most of them except for the dodgy ones which it was only as I got older I realised were dodgy, or maybe I had matured and gotten boring! I found an awesome book ‘100 places to see before you die’ and I flagged a few places in there and made it my mission to travel to see a few of them was such a great feeling crossing them off

  3. Oooo Anja I am SOOO impressed you actually took up the challenge!!! Love this love this love this. And DON’T think about money as it will impede you. Obviously Im not saying dont be unrealistic – like I want to travel around the whole world (if you really really know that you can’t) BUT, when I did my list I honestly thought howwww am I going to afford this/have the time. But looking at it every day its just second nature now. I am finding the money, saving the money, making plans, organizing things – don’t have them all hard either. Some of mine are crazy (skydive/swim with whale sharks/go to bali on a yoga holiday – all money) but some are just simple things Id never get to do if I didnt write them down (kiss in the rain, learn 10 french words). Its ALL stuff I want to do it’s just making them a reality thats the fun challenge. You will have to share the list when you finish it 🙂

    Anna xx

    • Oh I LOVE a good challenge! I’ve been very lucky past 5 years where I have exceeded my wildest dreams (traveled to California alone, backpacked through Europe alone for 3 months, finished my high school cert to get into uni) but now that I’m at uni, my time is just so limited! I’m like you though, I thrive on being busy busy busy so no doubt I’ll find some way to make all my goals and dreams happen!

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