The Secret Formula;

Hands up if you don’t like Monday’s! Weekends are far too short so come Monday, I’m lacking sleep and nowhere near ready for another 5 days of work/uni. It was quiet today so at lunchtime, I went and checked out this new cafe 2 minutes walk from work (I drove of course…it was raining!)

The cafe has this gorgeous red couch, facing the road with a little fireplace to the side. As it was raining outside, I sat there inside with my hot chocolate in one hand, newspaper on my nap & I just stared out thinking just how content I felt. I went back to work & while everyone had hit the afternoon slump, I was bouncing off the walls- way too excited to be at work!

After work, I met up with a friend & we walked around the river for an hour, talking about her holiday plans & my recent move.

Why have I not thought of something like this sooner? All you need for a perfect Monday is a relaxing breakfast or lunch at a cafe & a quiet night or catch up with a friend. I feel at ease with the week ahead…..even though I have an assignment due on Thursday that I’m nowhere near finished.

I’m ready for you Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “The Secret Formula;

  1. This sounds so awesome! I try to do things like this as often as possible, you know my obsession with going to cafés and having a coffee and writing, studying or reading. It’s one of my favorite things to do that I’ve, sadly, not done in a very long time. It’s on my to do list to explore some of the cafés in my new area!

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